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Welcome to Leslie Hwang's Portfolio

Drawing inspiration from the greatest leaders of compassion, I found my deep interest and hope in humanitarian work and human rights advocacy. Growing a greater sense of humanity and understanding of the world daily to better foreshadow how we can innovate and grow our communities together.


I've attended Virginia Commonwealth University and Northern Virginia Community College to successfully pursue an undergraduate degree in International Studies with a concentration in International Social Justice. I've had the grace and privilege to study different aspects of globalization, international law, international political economy, Spanish, French, international relations, and ethics in governance. 

My Story

Get to Know Me

Learning about International Studies with a concentration in International Social Justice at Virginia Commonwealth University has allowed me to practice research and development while also being able to critically assess and analyze high-stakes situations. I've had opportunities to work in groups and independently while reaping the success from both methods. Staying organized with my coursework and growing more flexibly has allowed me to acquire more information, learn new concepts, and expand my consciousness. 

Image Gallery

Poverty Alleviation - Church ministry to help alleviate poverty with compassion. The ministry worked as a team to offer support in building homes for families. This included architectural design, structure, roofing, and painting.




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