Leslie Hwang

Multimedia Designer


Toronto City Planning

UX/UI Design

I worked with the city of Toronto to help engage more youth, newcomers, and renters into city planning. I designed a mobile application that has a better interface to make it easy to get information and participate in city planning.

Problem Statement

• People feel that city planning is a difficult and complex subject.

• Difficult to locate and access information related to development applications or planning processes.


• Using mobile applications make it easier to accommodate expand participation in planning processes beyond the traditional community meeting.

• Design the interface of the application to suit the tastes of the youth generation to improve accessibility.

• Promote greater participation with improved notification mechanisms that inform them of new planning, the time and locations of meetings and updates on the progress of development.


• Design an interface using AR technology that allows users to interac with information on the screen as they walk the street.

• Add the function of receiving opinions related to city planning.

• Users will be able to share their opinions each other by comment, respond on the post.

User (Persona)

Customer Journey Map


Mock up

Landing Page

The landing page shows the developments around you on the map. Users can search development by keyword, address and development type.

Forum Page

Users can share their ideas about city planning with Torontonians through this page. They can post suggestions and agree with other’s ideas with comments and signing.

AR experience

This application has two types of AR experience. First, when you click the 3D icon on the landing page, the camera shows the view in front of you and the development list is shown on the screen. The second one is that allows you to check the virtual completion of the development building you are interested in on your cell phone screen. This function can be experienced by pressing the button below the middle on the development information page.


Users can get all the information about development from the Development Information page. The information ranges from basic information such as development date and purpose to detailed information such as development progress, and how to participate in the consultation.

AR Experience Video